The Fine Print


Most initial meetings can be done over the phone or by email, instant messaging. Skype and G-Chat works as well.

A $50.00 Non Refundable deposit is due for any wedding and before your ceremony is written. This gets you on our calendar with the time/day that you want.  

Most of the work goes into your wedding ceremony before your actual wedding day. If a rehearsal is needed that will be an additional  $75.00 and travel fee if necessary.

Balance/Payment is due before the ceremony is performed. This is easier for everyone as you will be busy afterwards!

If you have already secretly eloped we will be happy to perform your wedding ceremony in front of your family and friends  and keep that secret for you if necessary.  This does not change the price of your wedding. We provide a service and the actual signing of the papers of a very small part of that.

The travel fee charge is up to the discretion of the Officiant. Travel fee will be charged is the total mileage is over 30 miles.  

Witnesses available for an additional fee of $35.00 per witness.