I’ve had my wedding, this is your’s.  We will make it special for you.

  • Weddings
    50 people or less: $200
    100 people or less: $275
    101 people or more: $350
    200 people or more: $375
  • Basic Elopement
    10 people or less: $150


Pricing is based on size of wedding

Rehearsal – $75.00

 This includes

Introductory meeting – Could be in person/over the phone,  Skype or G-Chat

Planning ceremony meeting – Could be in person/over the phone,  Skype or G-Chat

Finalize ceremony meeting- Could be in person/over the phone,  Skype or G-Chat

Providing you with an outline of what you could have in your wedding  – if you decide to use me (sent after deposit is received)

Unlimited communication – text, emai and Skype are just a few of the options

Providing with options for prayers/blessings, rituals that can be used

Getting couple’s stories if they choose to have that in their ceremony

Creation of your ceremony from start to finish. You typically get two to three different versions to choose from. You can mix and match from all of them. Your ceremony does not become the “final version”  unless you say it is. There will be no surprises in your ceremony.  Please note there will be an E-Book available after 1-1-17 so couples can then pick and choose what they want in their ceremony, providing unlimited options.  Of course, customization will still be provided.

Meeting you at the location about a half before to finalize details

Wedding officiant signs and submits Marriage Certificate

Does not include travel charges if over 30 miles
I can provide witnesses but that would be a fee of $35.00 per person

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