Married to my life partner and best friend, my life is truly blessed! Life is too short to be miserable and believe me I have had people in my life who have tried! I live in the Duluth/Superior area and I will travel to perform marriage ceremonies.

I believe Marriage is between two people who love in each other- period. Every human being on this Earth is unique and it is this uniqueness that make this world go round. I am just a speck in the universe, who am I to judge? Living, Loving and Laughter is important.

I live by the Golden rule – Treat others as you would like to be treated. Respect, honesty, integrity,  family, friends, faithfulness and Laughter is important in my life.
Being empathetic and understanding makes us all a better human being. I’m not perfect but I strive to be a better human being.

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I’ve been married to my husband for 24 years and we have an amazing daughter that is growing up much too quickly.  I became a licensed minister when some friends asked me if I would officiate their wedding. Initially I was nervous but I absolutely loved the experience of joining two people together.   Each time I am lucky enough to be part of a couple’s special day is absolutely incredible for me. What a wonderful gift they have given me, to share the most important day of their new lives together.

I have an easy going personality and will work with you to have the wedding you have always wanted.  Whether you want a traditional wedding,  something unconventional, inside, outside- contact me and we will make this perfect. I am located in Duluth but am happy to travel.

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I grew up in God’s country…West Duluth…where I remained into adulthood.  About 30 years ago I moved to Cloquet where I remain today with my wife and best friend Penny. We’ve been together for 19 awesome years.  We have always worked together, so it’s a 24/7 relationship that works for us.

I spent several years working in sales, and am now retired which gives me a totally flexible schedule. This gives me the opportunity to work with you to help create the perfect wedding day.

Long ago Penny & I were going on vacation.  Unbeknownst  to her,  I was planning our wedding in St. Thomas USVI.  Enjoyed doing that & thought it would be enjoyable working with others in planning their special day.

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I’ve been married to Bob for going on 17 years & we are best of friends. We have been working together since we started dating and can’t image life without him. We are far more than husband & wife, we are best of friends & we love to be around each other. We feel god has brought us together for a reason.

We all know that their is someone out there for everyone, well I have found mine.
We were married in the USVI St. Thomas & understand the reasons behind a destination wedding. Creating that memory will last us a life time and it will for you too.

To be an officiate at weddings to celebrating their love, puts a big smile on my face. What’s more exciting than witnessing two people in love, is when you see that expressions on one another faces as they say their vows. It warms my heart & gives me goose bumps.

My life is full of people traveling for their honeymoons or anniversary’s for their celebration of life & love. I feel I’m surrounded by love in the air.

I’m a laid back person with an open mind. I’m very trustworthy & I’m as honest as the day is long. I’m work from my home office with my travel business and so my schedule is very flexible. I’m also able to travel for your special day.

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